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1. Method for encapsulating organic devices by passivation layer prepared by electron beam evaporation and atomic layer deposition, CN 102864417 A.

2. Lithography process using one kind of method for preparing a non-patterned electrode ito, CN 103107286 B.

3. A guard electrode in the organic thin film electronic device packaging process method, CN 103094479 B.

4. Photo-crosslinked polymer - organic silicone blend for the preparation of a flexible substrate and an organic electronic device, CN 103834188 B.

5. Method for utilizing photo-crosslinking polymers to conduct thin film packaging on organic electronic device, CN 103579503 A.

6. Top down one-layer structures emitting organic electroluminescent device, CN 103746079 B.

7. Based on the single light emitting unit stacked organic electroluminescent device, CN 103730588 B.

8. Organic solar battery having phosphorescent material-doped donor layer, CN 102097593 B.

9. Organic electroluminescent white light device with multi-luminescent layer, CN 100459216 C.


1. Thin Film Packaging Method for Novel Organic Optoelectronic Devices,  the State Scientific and Technological Award (Second Class), China General Chamber of Commerce, China, 2014.

2. Research on Organic Optoelectronics and Optoelectronic Devices, the award of Natural Science Academic Achievements (Second Class), Jilin Provincial Natural Science Academic Achievement Committee, China, 2014.

3. Organic optoelectronic materials and devices, the award of Educational Technology Achievements in Higher Institution (First Class), Jilin Provincial Department of Education, China, 2012.

4. Organic white light devices and top emitting devices and physics, the  Science and Technology Progress Award (First Class), Jilin Provincial Science and Technology Progress Committee, China, 2010.

5. Changbai Youth Science and Technology Award ( Honorable Prize), Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, 2006.